Welcome to the Maryland Innovation Center Community!

Formerly the Howard Tech Council, the Maryland Innovation Community is at the epicenter of the region's tech community. Our diverse and engaged membership base spans a variety of industries, providing members with access to a diverse collection of organizations.

The value of the MIC membership community falls into four buckets: 

  1. It's about the people - access to customers, talent, and partners to help you succeed
  2. Access to capital
  3. Access to professional development
  4. A vibrant physical and digital hub to host and attend unique networking events 

We provide members with the opportunity to support this mission through our networking events, public facing programs, affinity groups and round tables.

Our integration with the Howard County Economic Development Authority and the Maryland Center for Entrepreneurship provides our members with a unique value proposition unlike any other membership organizations in the region. Through our relationship with the region's start-up partners, we are able to offer MIC Members discounted event access as well as low cost room and facility rentals to make your next event a success.

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